Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sketch-14x17" pencil

Two distinct spaces. One being a combination retail, commercial, and apartment complex with a giant porte cochere. Supported by large columns, the entire building has thick industrial glass tiles covering a shallow pool of water with a reflective bottom and LED lighting at the base, reflecting the building and creating a double image. The curved, reflective glass paneled walls of the structure give it a sculptural quality that is mirrored by the topographically styled gradual steps descending from the structure. The second space is a pool pavilion influenced by I.M.Pei’s Glass Pyramid at the Louvre, and classical architecture mixed with modern luxuries. Modern, sculptural fire pits can be found in the middle of the pavilion seating area and by the custom arched stainless steel handlebars of the pool. A custom branch chandelier highlights the pavilion; while custom curved marble benches provide seating around the fire. Tufted Sunbrella upholstered chaises lend seating to the poolside.

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