Sunday, January 31, 2010

Manhattan Penthouse-10x11.5" pencil

This masculine hard-edged penthouse asserts itself with black marble floors in the entry, an art deco asymmetrical stepped entryway, and oversized Macassar ebony doors with brass horseshoe knockers. Two art deco consoles flank the entry with a vaulted ceiling with skylight illuminating the space. A paneled mirror alcove creates the impression of added depth in this city high-rise with its Macassar ebony French art deco bench situated in the middle. A python paneled wall adds a luxurious hard-edged sheen with its French art deco scissor handled sconce providing light. The focal point of the living room is its white marble with mirror in-between chimney and black marble base anchoring the rock inserts in the fireplace. The mirror polished white marble floor reflects the custom Danish modern sectional and a branch light fixture in the corner. The mirror polished chrome cantilevered asymmetrical coffee table is topped with exotic python to add richness to the space.

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